This is Black and Kinky week!

Margaux’s show opens this Thursday (11/19) at the Capital Hill Arts Workshop

Last night I popped along to the Source theater on 14th Street to shoot her rehearsals. One of my memory cards died (only when I plugged it into my card reader and after having reviewed all the images in camera!) but I was shooting with 2 bodies so the shots from the other card were fine.


Streetwise Partners – Taste of Success 2009

Streetwise Partners work with top-notch corporations to build mentoring relationships between low-income individuals and volunteer business professionals to develop workplace skills and employment networks as the bridge to a successful career.

I’m a past mentor and thoroughly recommend them to any professional looking to ‘give something back’ by spending a number of hours each week developing relationships with young and older adults and sharing your skills and experience with them.

I was asked to be their event photographer for their 2nd annual annual Taste of Success fundraiser. You can view the full set of images on flickr.


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