Even more press!

Check out my mentor, friend and colleague Frank Van Riper’s latest column Talking Photography where you can read all about the infamous Tower of Rubble on K Street, Washington DC.

As part of the column, I contributed this nighttime shot that i took last week.

As always, the column is a great read and a real insight into the life of a true pro. For those of you who don’t know Frank’s work; check out his extensive archives from this column as well as the column that he wrote for years as the Washington Post’s photography correspondent:

Another scoop for 24 on 14th

Check out DCist’s latest Art Review of Artomatic. Once again 24 on 14th is one of the few exhibits at Artomatic that is mentioned in the press. I’m amazed that it’s getting this attention.

You can read the DCist post here. They called some of the images ‘Ho Hum’. I prefer the technical term – f**king awful. Others they called ‘Brilliant’ – now yer talking.

You can also read the Washington Post Article here.