Dog City at CityPaws, Washington DC.

CityPaws Postcard

Dog City officially closed on February 1st 2007 😦 However, thanks to the good folks at CityPaws there will be limited cuteness available for a few more months. We’ve decided to leave the remaining unsold prints up.

Prints from the show are still available for purchase. Click here for more details.

If you would like to check out the show before it really closes for good, you can pop along to CityPaws on 14th Street during these times:

Monday (7am-7pm), Tuesday (7am-7pm), Wednesday (closed), Thursday (7am-7pm), Friday (7am-5pm), Saturday (7am-12pm), Sunday (closed).

Dog City opened Friday, December 1st 2006!

Opening night was a resounding success. With over 100 people attending, 8 prints and 8 Dog City photo books sold!

Thanks to everyone for coming along and a special thanks to those who purchased prints and/or books – Remember all profits go to the Washington Humane Society who turned out in force with their mobile adoption RV.

Special thanks also go to Wendy and Sarah and the staff at CityPaws and to Howard Nelson and all the volunteers from the Washington Humane Society for coming along for the show.

Check out Thursday November 30th 2006’s Washington Post Express edition where Dog City was featured and a color photo published (page 63)!

Dog City photo books for sale! I’ve published a limited run of 25 photo books that contain all images from the exhibition plus 10 more! Books are professionally bound and printed and cost $25 each with all profits ($10) going to the Washington Humane Society.

This is my first solo exhibition and is being shown at CityPaws on 14th Street NW, Washington DC.

All profits from the sale of individual prints go to the Washington Humane Society so please come along and show your support.

Special thanks go to Layla (such a cute and well behaved model) and my graphic designer friend Tara for doing such a great job designing the postcard for the show.


Graeme King


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